Ear wax build up treatment

How to treat ear wax build up

Due to the delicate nature of the ear and its natural shape, it is not recommended to clean your ear using cotton tips or any other instrument.

If you suspect that you have a blockage caused by excessive ear wax, it is advised that you speak to your doctor. They can assist you in treating the symptoms and removing the blockage.

Your healthcare professional may recommend WAXSOL® to treat the ear wax. WAXSOL® is an effective water-based solution used to treat the build up of ear wax. The active ingredient, docusate sodium, softens and breaks up ear wax that has become hard, making it easier to remove.

Treating Ear Wax Build Up With WAXSOL®

The first step to removing ear wax is to soften the ear wax with WAXSOL® ear drops. Just two doses of WAXSOL® over two nights is usually enough to soften the ear wax allowing it to come out on its own. 

WAXSOL® ear drops Treatment
WAXSOL® ear drops Treatment